Come Ride With Us


Book online or Call ahead to reserve your seat!! WILL RUN SHUTTLE SERVICE HOURLY IF NO BOOKING. (You must contact before the Last Run to ensure availability)

Tube Trips (rentals) and Shuttle (have your own gear) RUNS EVERY HOUR !! We can transport kayaks or canoes

Book your trip online to secure a seat on the bus!!! (12 passengers per RUN so limited seats)

Tues-Thurs: CLOSED

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Hooch Adventures offers an all inclusive package to rent your tube/PFD, get a shuttle to top, float at leisure, arrive at your car… No waiting for a return shuttle!

Trip includes: tube rental, PFD, and a shuttle ride to the top.

1/2 Day /2 Hour Float

Price $25 each, plus tax

Single & Double, Open & Closed bottom tubes


We’re Dog Friendly! 

Age Restriction: 5+